How to burn encrypted CD-ROM

How to burn encrypted CD-ROM

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To solve the pressure on the hard disk storage, or use data files go out, many users prefer to burn data to DVD discs, although this brought convenience, but the data security risks are followed. If the disc is lost, important data is easy used by others, Whether we could realize CD burning encryption through software?

In order to meet customer needs, many third-party burning software provides encryption, such as “SecureBurn”, “CD-ROM encryption master,” “King Kong encryption lock”, “Roxio Media Creator” and other software, through them you can make a encrypted files requires a password to open after burning a CD-ROM, or CD-ROM information can not be displayed, in order to protect CD-ROM data is not stolen. While this recording encryption is relatively simple, but for students, families and other individual users, they can provide good privacy protection.

For example, users use the “master disc encryption” to encrypt ISO image file, and then using “Nero” tool burn encrypted ISO image file to DVD discs.Therefore the first step is making ISO image file, we need to use “WinISO” software. Operating software, in the “Operation” menu, select “Add Directory” or the “Add Files”. add the file directory to list, and then click “Save” button, and save it as ISO format.

Running “disc encryption master”, open ISO image file just created can encryption at this time. In the “File” menu, select “disc encryption,” click “into the decryption process cdrun.exe, and automatically run”, enter the CD-ROM encryption password, point the “Next” prompt success of CD-ROM encryption, point ” OK “button to return. Open the ISO image file again, you will find there add two files inside, which is the encrypted file and decryption process.

Last as long as running “Nero” burning software, encrypted ISO image file can be burned to DVD disc.

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